About Us


From its inception in November, 1980, Mills and Associates, Inc. has experienced steady and progressive growth in the consulting engineering field.  The firm has successfully performed a wide variety of civil engineering, surveying and project management services for numerous clients engaged in land development projects such as educational, institutional, commercial and industrial, and has established a working rapport and familiarity with the requirements of the various governmental agencies with jurisdiction over our work. 

     Mills and Associates, Inc. is substantially self-sufficient, providing from within its own organization the technical expertise required for all phases of project development, design and management.  For assignments requiring the application of unique knowledge, the Company engages the assistance of appropriate recognized authorities.


     The Company’s success is primarily attributed to acquiring and relying on a totally qualified staff dedicated to the performance of the highest standards of professional service.  Each professional and technical staff member maintains a superior proficiency in a specialized discipline of our engineering and surveying services, working in a clean, modern environment with state-of-the-art networked CAD equipment.  Their knowledge and experience is complemented by the utilization of the most technically advanced methods and equipment.  An in-house team concept of quality control review ensures the timely production of a practical, professional service.


      To date, the company has completed over 2,800 engineering projects and over 6,150 surveys. The majority of the projects completed have been in the commercial, educational, institutional and industrial sector.


     The credentials of Mills and Associates, Inc. have been accepted by various governmental agencies and a balanced workload of public and private projects has been established.  A full working knowledge of the requirements of both private and public agencies enables the Company to render the most proficient service to its clientele.


     It is the sincere desire of Mills and Associates, Inc. to perform the highest standard of professional engineering and surveying services.  The Company goals and administrative philosophy has been established and implemented to achieve this superior service.